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About Us
WiredIn was founded by Rahul Dominic(16 years old) and Ankit Siva(15 years old) in an attempt to bridge the communication gap between teachers and students in an elegant and simple manner.

Visual Experience

We have developed a beautiful end-user experience across all devices.

Web Dashboard

Beautifully designed, our dashboard is arranged by priority so that you see what is important to you first.

Mobile Apps

WiredIN uses the powerful HTML 5 and scales across all devices with the same URL.


Your dashboard is priorotized so you see the information that matters to you the most, first.

The app has revolutionized the way I kept myself organized. Gone are the days when I would have had to slog just the night before an important submission date - WiredIn does it for me!
- Varun Arvind (Indus International - 12th)
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WiredIN is a social platform where students can have a personalized classroom experience on the internet. Any student who is part of the class can share information such as homework, assignments, test schedules and class calenders with just a couple of steps.
We also support sharing short message notifications with the class. You can also select the subjects that you wish to be notified about so that you only receive information important to you.
The dashboard works and scales perfectly across all devices and screen sizes. This means it is always available when you need it.
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